Struggling With The Pedals?
This Is The Fast-Track Way To
Hymn Playing With Pedals

Making the transition from piano to church organ can be a very stressful experience – having to prepare so much music on a weekly basis. With bass pedals to contend with too, it’s like playing two instruments at the same time!

The crazy thing is that playing the organ without pedals is actually harder than playing the organ with pedals!

With Pedals
When playing pedals, the left hand is often available to:

  • Pull out the stops
  • Turn over the pages
  • Stop the hymn book falling onto the keys!
  • Adjust the mirror
  • Direct the choir


Without Pedals

The LH has to work twice as hard, and if the LH stops playing, it sounds like the organ has turned into a harmonica or flute!

That’s when these easy exercises come in handy – with regular practice, you’ll soon be playing the pedals!


Time & Progress
Most of us have very little time available but it is still possible to make good progress – just fifteen minutes a day will produce excellent results over time.


Practise On Piano Too!
Even if you only have access to the organ at weekends, you can still practise some of these pedal exercises at home on the piano. With a special practice method to trick the mind into thinking you are playing the pedals too!


For Feet, Hands & Brain!
They have been designed to help the brain become used to incorporating the feet and hands together. Not a boring list of exercises but the easiest way to learn hands and pedals together – especially for hymn playing.

Organ Pedal Breakthrough Plus Twelve Pieces

Simple Exercises
Establish & consolidate – the value of simple exercises is that they won’t leave you exhausted and frustrated. Instead you will be encouraged by steady progress – just fifteen minutes a day is all you need if they are practised regularly.


Free Twelve Pieces
Twelve great slow hymn tunes that are ideal for playing during communion or at a family service as an introductory voluntary. This PDF book is free with Organ Pedal Breakthrough! Arranged on three staves for practising independence too!


Sunday mornings will become easier and you’ll soon sound like you have been playing the organ for years!


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